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This section gives a brief insight into our fantastic history and charts the Club's development over the years.  It also details how our popular Men's Open, The Oundle Putter, started. This is one of our many Opens and Competitions which we hope you sign up for. To see details of all our Opens please click here.

Club Development
The club was founded in 1893 by members of the local gentry, who laid out a 9-hole course to the West of Oundle, beside the Benefield Road. The land was known locally as Bailey Hills. Full golfing attire included a scarlet coat and caddies received 6d and a glass of lemonade for 18 holes. ...More
The Oundle Putter
"The Oundle Putter" is a 4-Ball Better Ball competition first played for in 1999 and is open to amateur golfers with a maximum handicap of 28 but with a ¾ handicap allowance of 18 shots. ...More