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Month end September


As this is my first greenkeepers report I should probably start by introducing myself. For those of you who I have not had the pleasure to meet yet my name is Daniel. I have as of the start of September taken over from Gary as head greenkeeper. Gary will continue to work as deputy head 3 days a week. I joined Oundle golf club in July 2000 so am very familiar with the course and its day to day operations. Hopefully this will ease my transition from deputy to head greenkeeper.

During the start of September, the course was looking very dry with hard bouncy fairways giving a lot of run. This was good news for the shorter more accurate hitters However as I sit here at the end of the month we have had over 1 inch or 26mm [depending on your point of view] in one day and have been forced in to a course closure. Thankfully because of the dry weather at the start of the month the course was only closed for the afternoon. We are back up and running all systems go.

Works completed

  • General mowing that consists of greens seven times a week, tees and aprons two times a week, fairways twice a week, semi fairway twice a week and rough once a week.

  • All the bunkers on the course were edged and weeded

  • Ditches running through the course have been flailed using our tractor mounted flail

  • A wetting agent was applied using the tractor mounted sprayer. This helps the water move through the soil both up and down more efficiently

Works scheduled

  • General mowing will continue but should reduce due to the shorter days and colder weather.

  • The first week in October is a scheduled course maintenance week. Weather permitting the greens will be first scarified to remove dead and decaying organic matter. They will then be aerated to relieve compaction. A mix of all bent seed will be spread and finally a layer of sand will be applied. This will be worked in using our drag mat.

  • Towards the end of the month the leaves will start to fall as they are already starting to change colour. That will mean using our rough cutter with purpose designed blades to mulch the leaves hopefully making it easier to find your balls.


During the month the volunteer staff have made a big difference to the stream in between the tenth and seventeenth bridge. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the work they do. I believe this is what makes Oundle a golf club and not a golf course. John and Claire have also put in a lot of work on the health and safety side with Phil and nick supporting them.

I would also like to thank Dave and Liz for the many hours they have put into the club over the years. I worked under Dave when he was general manager and his dedication to the job and the course was truly impressive. I wish them all the best and good luck.


Daniel James, Head Greenkeeper



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