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Head Greenkeepers report

Month end November


Over the last month we have been unlucky with the weather moving from wet end of summer golf to wet winter golf. This means the course has had to be closed on a few occasions. The greens staff have been doing their best to keep the course as playable as possible. Some of the ways we do this is by the use of winter tees to spread the wear and tear of foot traffic, winter greens to stop damage to the main greens and shutting holes 5,6,7,8 that just become to waterlogged to play in wet weather. This has been an unusually wet start to the winter season with these control measures not normally needing to be used until after Christmas but we will continue to do our best to keep the course open.

Works completed

  • A Fertilizer with added iron has been applied to all main greens. The iron helps prevent disease and strengthen the grass plant. It also scorches broad leaf weeds you can see this as the greens turn a darker shade of green almost black.
  • Leaves have been mulched using the rough cutter.
  • Hedges down the side of the ninth hole, thirteenth tee and ninth tee have been trimmed back.
  • Greens mowing has changed from ride on mowing. To twice a week hand mowing at 5mm. The tees are being mown once a week. The rough is being mown at the same time as leaf mulching.
  • Bunker maintenance is happening as often as time allows this includes fluffing up the sand with a powered cultivator.

Planed works

  • A slow release fertiliser will be applied to all tees and winter greens and this will carry on working for 3 months.
  • Aeration work will be carried out if possible on fairways using a combination of the tractor mounted verti-drain and slitter.
  • Leaves will continue to be mulched.

The Tuesday work party have been continuing to clear out the ditch to the left of the first fairway and have made a big visual difference. Many trailer loads have been taken away and burned. This is heavy work and many hands make light work so I know they are always looking for volunteers. Please get in contact with john homer if you feel like lending a hand. Claire izod arranged a gardening and cake morning that got rained off the first week but they came back the next week to finish the job. The garden outside reception looks a lot better thankyou to everyone involved in both projects.

Daniel James

Head Greenkeeper


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