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The Oundle Putter


"The Oundle Putter"is a 4-Ball Better Ball competition first played for in 1999 and is open to amateur golfers with a maximum handicap of 28 but with a ¾ handicap allowance of 18 shots.

Previously, Oundle GC had staged an annual Men’s Open. In 1999 Barbara and Gerry Jenkinson, club members for many years, presented the Captain, Dave Foley, with the Putter that is now "The Oundle Putter”. They posed him a question “Can you find a use for this?”

Barbara and Gerry were given the putter by Barbara’s brother who worked for the Accles and Pollock, Birmingham, manufactures of Apollo golf shafts. The company produced steel, tubular golf shafts from 1913 until it ceased production in 2001. Around the end of the nineties the company produced a number of putters with these twisted shafts for promotional purposes. The putters are properly aligned and can be used in the conventional way. They are, however, illegal as they do not conform to the rules of golf i.e. the shaft must be straight!

After a number of days trying to answer Barbara’s question It finally dawned on Dave that the shaft mirrored the way Harpers Brook runs through Oundle golf course and that the term “Putter” was quite often used in golf as the title of golf competitions. "The Oundle Putter" was born.

Our aim was to run a competition open to golfers of all abilities providing they held a CONGU handicap and were members of an England Golf affiliated golf club. By calling this competition “The Oundle Putter” we would have a name which was a little different to the normal “Open”. In fairness we thought it would be a good bit of marketing that would make our Open stand out a little from the crowd. The competition now attracts golfers from clubs in Northamptonshire and the counties surrounding Oundle.

The first winners were Tony McCathey and Laurence Tait from Oundle GC. In subsequent years the Putter has been won by players from a number of clubs in Northamptonshire and the counties surrounding